Our terms and conditions

Dear clients,

please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly.
They stipulate the contract between you and Berlin Bike Tour. By making a booking you fully accept these terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions apply to all services offered by Berlin Bike Tour, owned by Annett Marx of Bornholmer Straße 75, 10439 Berlin, Germany, named Berlin Bike Tour throughout the following.

1. A contract becomes effective

A contract becomes effective upon registration and payment of the tour fee. Payment must be made before tour start. If advance payment is agreed, the contract becomes effective at the time of registration and payment of the first installment.

2. Range of Services

Please refer to the service description for the actual range of contractual obligations. Individual, separate agreements with contractors may be included in the services as appropriate. Our guides are permitted to alter the route in cases of force majeure, e.g. building sites. This may result in slightly different tours than advertised. All given times and dates are approximate data. The minimum group size is 4 persons, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Payment to be made

All services provided by Berlin Bike Tour must be paid before tour start. Once a contract is made, advance payment of 15 % of the tour price may become due. If services cannot be used due to curtailment of holiday or for any other inevitable reason, the client can make no claim for reimbursement.

4. Tour prices

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices published on http://www.berlinbiketour.eu apply.

5. Redemption of vouchers

Vouchers are only valid once payment is received in full. Once issued, a voucher may not be returned or changed in exchange of cash. A Voucher can only be used by the person mentioned on it. Issued vouchers have a three-year term, this may be extended for a processing fee of €5.00 for a further year.

6. Group registration

For group registration, some special rules apply. To reserve a tour date, 20 % of the total price must be paid in advance. Package prices apply to groups; please inquire about them before you book. If applicable, outstanding payment must be made before tour start. Outstanding payment for groups will be adjusted to actual participant numbers. Berlin Bike Tour must be informed of the actual participant number in writing at least 7 days before tour start.

7. Change and cancellation of booking

If payment is not made by the agreed date, BERLIN BIKE TOUR is relieved of any obligations. A tour may be canceled at short notice if the actual number of participants falls short of the agreed minimum. In such cases, advance payment will be retained.

8. Liability limitations

The following applies to arranged and actually supplied guided city tours: Berlin Bike Tour is only liable in cases where Annett Marx herself was acting with intent or wantonly negligently, and to no greater degree than required by law. For damages clients caused themselves, they are liable themselves. For arranged services, e.g. accommodation, the terms and conditions of the booked service providers apply. Berlin Bike Tour is not liable for damages caused by third parties.

9. Data protection at Berlin Bike Tour

Security and protection of our clients` data is of paramount importance to us. Personal data are stored and used as is necessary in the context of the agreed job. BERLIN BIKE TOUR is obliged to observe the binding legal provisions regarding data protection. However, we emphasise that full data protection cannot be guaranteed for online data transfers. Therefore, the risk associated with online data transfer is borne by clients themselves.

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