"Wild Kreuzberg" Walking Tour

  • Kottbusser Tor / Subway Line 1 (Berlin’s first subway) / Dresdner Straße
  • Oranienstraße / blind man´s workshop
  • Kreuzberg courtyards
  • SO36 – legendary music club and party location
  • Prince Heinrich of Prussia Square
  • Falckensteinstraße / Ausgeh-Viertel Wrangel-Kiez
  • Schokofabrik women´s center – a former chocolate factory
  • Mariannen Square / Firemen memorial / Arthouse Bethanien / Fontane Pharmacy
  • Georg-von-Rauch-House („Rauch-Haus“, a former occupied building)
  • “Treehouse“at the Berlin Wall / former Luisenstadt Canal
  • Ton-Steine-Gärten – an urban gardening project
  • Thomas Church
  • Spreewald Platz / Görlitzer Park – former Görlitzer Train Station
  • Falckenstein street
  • Oberbaum Bridge
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April - October
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, So
03.00 pm

November - March
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, So
10:00 am

3.00 km 3:00 St. 17,00 € 13,00 €

The „Wild Kreuzberg“-tour shows us contrasts you can’t see in any other part of Berlin. But we don’t walk through the “New Kreuzberg”, meanwhile a bit snobbish. No, we show the multi cultural Kreuzberg – colorful and loud.

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Wildes Kreuzberg - Spaziergang

This is the fascinating tour through the wild side of Kreuzberg in the former postal area SO36 that was part of the “American Zone” of West Berlin during the cold war. Kreuzberg transformed from one of the poorest quarters in the 1970s to one of the most popular cultural centers of Berlin today. We start at Kottbuser Tor, one of the multicultural hotspots in this area surrounded by alternative cafés, stylish bars, clubs and international restaurants. Having a look back in time we walk through the architectonical and social history of Kreuzberg from the 19th century to the 1960s and 70s and to the modern development of the present days.

Entering the pulsating life of unique Oranien Street we explore some of the typical Berlin courtyards with their history and get a link to some actual developments in fashion, art and music. Finding roots of Kreuzberg’s history of alternative live and former squatted house projects we walk to Mariannenplatz to visit the Arthouse Bethanien, a historic hospital building near the former border area what was next to the Berlin Wall. Just around the corner there is a hidden secret behind Thomas church and next to the “Treehouse” at the Berlin Wall.

We keep walking to Wiener Street and we enter Görlitzer Park on a hidden path to get an overview of the whole area. Leaving the park we arrive in another pulsating area of Kreuzberg around Wrangel Street with an interesting mix of people and styles. Coming near to our destination of Oberbaum Bridge we see another side of Kreuzberg and its street life, clubbing hot spots and riverside culture melting pots. The tour ends with the possibility to cross river spree to the Friedrichshain side and to explore the East-Side-Gallery, one open air art exhibition painted on an original part of the Berlin Wall.

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