Starting point

Our tours start at "Place of Nov. 9th 1989"
Video for opening of the border in the Bornholmer Straße. click here

All our tours start at checkpoint Bornholmer Straße, which at the end of the 20th century was probably one of the very most important places in Berlin in German history. This is where the Berlin Wall began to fall on 9 November 1989, changing the whole world overnight.

Everybody has seen the pictures going around the world of the jubilant East and West -Berliners, lying in each others arms. But where did this take place?

This historic starting point, together with pictures from the period and some guides who personally witnessed the opening of the Wall on 9 November 1989 lend our tours an exceptional character from start to finish.

Another, though rather more coincidental advantage is that Bornholmer Straße is located in Berlin’s popular borough, Prenzlauer Berg.

Art meets culture in this borough, and it is alive 24/7.

There are numerous public transport connections to Bornholmer Straße, so it’s quick and easy to get to our starting point from anywhere in the city.

We will meet at Bornholmer Straße 75, 20 minutes before the tour starts, so that we have time to provide everyone with a suitable bike.

The fastest routes to get to the meeting point

Our base Bornholmer Straße 75

tram-station Bornholmer Straße/Schönhauser Allee
(lines M1 M13 M50)

city train-station Bornholmer Straße
(lines S1 S2 S8 S25 S85) city train-station Schönhauser Allee
(lines S8 S41 S42 S85)

metro-station Schönhauser Allee (line U2)

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